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May 01

CerebralJS -

I want to preface this post with the following disclaimer: I am not a fan of Redux. It became a de-facto standard in state management of React apps and seems to be working great for a lot of people, but I find it to be very verbose and hard to work with. Ok. via Pocket

Halo 3 Players Spent Almost Ten Years Trying To Get Into Empty Cage -

In 2008, a fan with the username OTfor2 issued a challenge to a forum: in Halo 3’s Sierra 117 level, get inside a barred-off room. For years, Halo fans tried to nail the stunt, but nobody could complete it…until now. via Pocket

MuscleWiki -

Male Female via Pocket

Apr 22

Elon Musk's new plan to save humanity from AI -

Elon Musk has a new plan to protect humanity from artificial intelligence – if you can’t beat ‘em, join 'em. In October 2014, Musk ignited a global discussion on the perils of artificial intelligence. Humans might be doomed if we make machines that are smarter than us, Musk warned. via Pocket

Apr 21

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X 375GB Review - Enterprise 3D XPoint -

XPoint. Optane. QuantX. We’ve been hearing these terms thrown around for two years now. A form of 3D stackable phase change memory that promised 10x the density of DRAM and 1000x the speed and endurance of NAND. via Pocket

Apr 07

Windows 10 Creators Update: 7 best new features -

From Paint 3D to Start menu folders, greater privacy control and a dedicated game mode, here are the things worth updating for From Paint 3D to Start menu folders, greater privacy control and a dedicated game mode, here are the things worth updating for The next big update f via Pocket

The brains behind Microsoft's stunning IllumiRoom concept are bringing it to life -

The researchers behind Microsoft’s mind-blowing IllumiRoom concept and the Box projection art performance are teaming up to try and make projection mapping a reality inside homes. via Pocket

Mar 28

The Story of Mel -

This was posted to Usenet by its author, Ed Nather (), on May 21, 1983. via Pocket

Mar 26

Only You Can Stop The Expanse From Becoming the Next Canceled Sci-Fi Classic -

Syfy’s epic space show The Expanse is a smash hit among science fiction fans, drawing praise from websites like io9 and Ars Technica and from celebrities like Adam Savage. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley also loves the show. via Pocket

Mar 05

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Breaks Two World Records At 5.8GHz And 5.36GHz -

AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X CPU has only been out for a few days and overclockers have already pushed it to break several world records. German overclocker Der8auer has already broken the Ryzen 8-core frequency world record with his 1800X. via Pocket

Mar 01

Is It Down Right Now is down right now -

Is It Down Right Now, a website that tells you when websites are down, is down right now. With Is It Down Right Now down, you will be unable to learn what other websites are down — at least until it’s back up. At this time it’s not clear when Is It Down Right Now will be back up. via Pocket

Feb 20

Kari sine potetkaker -

Mal varme poteter med salt. Bland poteter, mjøl og rømme og elt det i 2 minutt på miksar. Ta deigen ut på bakebordet og del i 15 emne. Dersom du ikkje har miksar, kan du knuse potetene med ein potetstappar. Bak ut tynne litt store potetkaker, bruk rikeleg kveitemjøl til på bordet. via Pocket

Feb 19

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates -

Robots are taking human jobs. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment. via Pocket

Feb 18

This site shows you all of someone's public information on Facebook -

What puts the Stalkscan application in “creepy” territory (aside from its name), is that it will show you details that are otherwise difficult to find or not explicitly presented by Facebook, like pictures or posts someone liked, or places they have visited. via Pocket

This incredible tool lets you see how Facebook tracks you online -

Data Selfie is a free Chrome extension that shows you how Facebook uses machine learning algorithms to offer you a personalized experience catered to your wants and needs. via Pocket