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Feb 20

Kari sine potetkaker -

Mal varme poteter med salt. Bland poteter, mjøl og rømme og elt det i 2 minutt på miksar. Ta deigen ut på bakebordet og del i 15 emne. Dersom du ikkje har miksar, kan du knuse potetene med ein potetstappar. Bak ut tynne litt store potetkaker, bruk rikeleg kveitemjøl til på bordet. via Pocket

Feb 19

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates -

Robots are taking human jobs. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment. via Pocket

Feb 18

This site shows you all of someone's public information on Facebook -

What puts the Stalkscan application in “creepy” territory (aside from its name), is that it will show you details that are otherwise difficult to find or not explicitly presented by Facebook, like pictures or posts someone liked, or places they have visited. via Pocket

This incredible tool lets you see how Facebook tracks you online -

Data Selfie is a free Chrome extension that shows you how Facebook uses machine learning algorithms to offer you a personalized experience catered to your wants and needs. via Pocket

Pikazo Uses Artificial Intelligence to Turn Pics into Masterpieces -

The Pikazo app uses a special neural algorithm to transform snapshots into works of art. Many children are natural-born artists, creating crayon masterpieces that their parents hang on their refrigerators. As they become adults they often lose the freedom to express themselves in art. via Pocket

Feb 08

A Geometric Interpretation of Neural Networks -

In the 90s before I was a professional programmer / game developer I looked at neural networks and found them interesting but got scared off by things like back propagation, which I wasn’t yet ready to understand. via Pocket

Microsoft’s AI group debuts customizable speech-to-text technology, rapidly expanding ‘cognitive services’ for developers -

Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, a major new engineering and research division formed last year inside the Redmond company, is debuting a new technology that lets developers customize Microsoft’s speech-to-text engine for use in their own apps and online services. via Pocket

Jan 24

Quirky font magically adjusts to what you're writing -

With its geometric angles and art-deco aesthetic, Futuracha has become one of the most popular free fonts used by designers all over the world. Created in 2012 by Athens-based creative team høly, Futuracha is inspired by the pf futura book, with serifs based on Claude Garamond typefaces. via Pocket

Jan 20

Azure in Plain English -

Hey, have you heard of the new Azure services: Elasticville, StorageWart and API Gatesian? Of course not, I just made those up. Just like we’d previously made up but then eventually explained a bunch of Amazon’s Web Services in Plain English. We’re back to help explain Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem. via Pocket

Isn’t our code just the *BEST* ? -

I just completely rewrote the Bumpers web app using react. (If you don’t know what bumpers is, it’s this super chill app for recording/sharing audio stories on your phone. Download it, it will actually f*** your whole life up. It’s the greatest app ever made. React? It’s aight.) via Pocket

Jan 13

Øyvind Kolås is creating digital media tools | Patreon -

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Jan 12

Phrases Smart People Refuse To Use In Conversation -

We’ve all said things that people interpreted much differently than we thought they would. These seemingly benign comments lead to the awful feeling that only comes when you’ve planted your foot firmly into your mouth. via Pocket

Jan 09

isthmus -

Isthmus is an experimental linux system - it is intended to be a flexible but easy to understand way of putting together a linux distribution. Isthmus creates and caches binary packages corresponding to hashes of its recipes. via Pocket

Dec 18

Eggnog -

Skill eggene, plommene for seg og hvitene for seg. Visp eggeplommene stive. Ha sukkeret i, litt om gangen. Visp inn melk og noe av fløten og eventuelt brennevinet. via Pocket

Dec 17 -

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